our story

our values

The  Food

We support local farmers and help support sustainability efforts. We will never lean on questionable additives to cheat our way to amazing flavor. We do not support factory farming, and only use grass-fed steak, Amish chicken, wild-caught Ahi tuna, and wild-caught salmon.

The  City

We support local sustainability efforts. We give back to the community, because we wouldn’t be here without you.

The  People

We care about our employees. We do all we can to help our customers thrive by teaching them why healthy food matters for their future. We challenge everyone we encounter to strive for more.

our story

feed your purpose

Food becomes the energy we need to be our best. When you eat Bowls, you’re putting clean, restorative food into your body so that you have more energy to do what you love. By letting Bowls serve you, you are also freeing up time to do more with your day. 

We do all we can to help you be your best self. Take a moment to consider who you are, and why you do what you do. Think about what drives you to go the extra mile, go beyond your limits, and dream bigger. We hope our food gives you the energy to make this happen, as opposed to food that is working against you, making you tired, and leaving you feel powerless to be who you want to be.

With Bowls, it’s different. We care about your health and we want to help you reach your dreams, by serving you food that can be the very foundation of a great life. 

Think bigger. Think Bowls.