How do subscriptions work?

Subscriptions are here to make your weekly orders more affordable and convenient than ever! You can build one that fits your budget and lifestyle. Here’s a snapshot of how it works:

Step 1: Choose between the Anything Bowl Plan or the Smoothie Bowl Plan.

Step 2: Select Tuesday  delivery/pickup.

Step 3: Choose number of meals (select the number of days per week, then meals per day).

Step 4: Choose your starting delivery/pickup date.

Step 5: Select your meals. This can be done manually or randomly.

Step 6: Click the Continue to Cart button to review your selections. If everything looks good, click Continue to Shipping, where you will be asked to login or create an account.

Step 7: Select delivery or pickup. Enter any delivery notes here, if applicable.

Step 8: Continue to payment, where you will confirm your billing address and enter payment information. If you have a gift card/coupon, you can enter and apply it here.

Step 9: Checkout and get a summary of your order.

Get started here.

Can I order without a subscription?

Yes. We offer a la carte ordering here. Simply select the date you want your food and then select your bowls from the available options, then move through the checkout process. Note, there is a $30 minimum for a la carte orders. 

When will I get my food?

Pickup – Your food will be available for pickup on your selected date between 4 – 6 p.m. You may park in the loading zone or by the curb and call or text us at 414-551-4041 to let us know you have arrived, or you may walk up to the pickup window to receive your order. 

Delivery – Your food will be delivered sometime between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on your selected date. Note, we do not offer preset delivery times as we need to plan our routes based on number and location of all orders received for that day.  We will send a text message when we leave the shop and when we have delivered your order.  We recommend leaving a cooler with ice packs out to hold your order if you are not home the day of delivery.  We will leave a returnable cooler with your food if we are not able to make contact and we do not see a cooler out. This cooler should be left out at the next delivery date or returned to our shop to avoid a $25 charge, at which point the cooler is yours to keep.

What if I will not be around on my selected pickup/delivery day?

If you have a special circumstance that will prevent you from being able to pickup your order between 4 – 6 p.m., please call us at 414-800-5667 or email at bowlsmke@gmail.com to try to make alternative arrangements as soon as possible.

If you are not around to accept delivery, please set out a properly sized cooler with ice packs for us to deposit your order into. If we do not see a cooler out, we will leave your order in a returnable cooler that should be left out on your next delivery date or returned to our shop to avoid a $25 charge, at which point the cooler is yours to keep. If you will be gone the entire day and do not have a good spot to hold the order while you are away, then please call or email us to try to make other arrangements as soon as possible.

What is the cutoff for ordering/meal selection?

For a la carte orders, you must order by 3 p.m. Friday if you wish to receive your food the following Tuesday. If you have a subscription, you must choose your meals for the following week by 3 p.m. Friday, otherwise they will be randomly selected for you. If you complete the dietary preferences and allergy section of your profile, then we will not assign any meals that do not meet these requirements. Both a la carte and subscription options offer the ability to order/make selections up to three weeks in advance.

What items are available for order?

Each week we offer a rotating menu of fresh, refrigerated options to choose from, as well as all our frozen options. You can see all potential items on our menu page.

How long will my food last?

All items will have a best by date on them. Generally, fresh bowls will be best within 2-4 days of receipt.

How do I prepare my food?

Reheating/preparation instructions are included in the link in the included QR code or directly on the label. These instructions are also available on our website. Most items can be reheated in the oven or microwave, depending on preference. Our Greek Quiche is currently the only item that we recommend oven cooking only. If you choose to microwave this item, it must be transferred from its foil packaging to a microwave-safe dish. All other bowls are safe for microwave or oven cooking (up to 350°F).

Disclaimer: These instructions were tested in a 900 watt microwave and a commercial oven, so cooking times may vary.

Are there nutrition facts available?

Yes – you can see the nutrition facts for our bowls, sauces, and more here or by clicking on the item within the ordering system.

Can I make changes to/pause/cancel my subscription?

In your account under My Profile, you can make changes including updating payment, billing, and delivery information, and setting meal preferences.

Under My Subscription, you may update your delivery/pickup settings as well as your subscription settings. This includes skipping a delivery/pickup or requesting cancellation.