Bowls Difference


Everything you put into your body matters. 

Think of it as your personal health account: Every bit of food you consume is like making a deposit or withdrawal. Too many withdrawals over time, no matter how insignificant they may seem, and suddenly you are in the red. This is why the quality of every ingredient we use matters so much. 

Whether it’s the crisp, nutrient-rich greens that make up the bottom of your bowl, the fresh veggies, loaded with antioxidants, that fill it, or the delicious, fiber-filled roasted nuts or seeds that top it, we deliberately source the best ingredients we can get our hands on. We do this always keeping in mind the impact it has on you, because anything less is not good enough.

 Here are some of the ways we are helping to support your body, your health, your life:

  • We only use high quality oils, such as heart-healthy avocado oil for cooking, and extra-virgin olive oil for dressings and sauces; you will not find any cheap, inflammatory vegetable oils anywhere on our menu.

  • We make virtually all our ingredients from scratch… we like to have complete control over quality. It’s our way of making sure there are never any questionable additives in your food.

  • We use locally sourced, pasture-raised eggs from Three Brothers Farm in Oconomowoc, because we are committed to supporting people who raise animals humanely and sustainably.

  • We choose to serve grass-fed steak, Amish chicken, and wild-caught salmon, because we do not believe in settling for less.

  • We are conscientious of our use of sweeteners, which is why we have committed to limiting our usage as much as possible, and substituting better alternatives such as coconut sugar, stevia, and local honey.

  • We can happily accommodate most food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary preferences. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy delicious, healthy, and convenient meals, regardless of their needs.

  • We believe in transparency, which is why we list our ingredients directly on our menu and provide any additional details upon request.  We also list key nutrition facts for all our dishes and sauces online.

  • We are committed to be the best we can be. That means never getting too comfortable with where we are, and always looking for how we can evolve, grow, and improve: in how we serve you, our community, and our planet.

The way we see it, the journey of life is better when we are all in it together, doing what we can to help each other be the best versions of ourselves. When you come to Bowls, you can trust that we are looking out for you and your health, so you can focus on what’s next. We are here to help you move forward in the only way we know how: giving you our best, so you can be your best.