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our story

The idea for Bowls sparked in 2014, when owner, Andy, visited Portland, OR for business. During his time there he discovered a small stand that sold açaí bowls — and immediately fell in love with them: the look, the taste, and the rush of energy he felt afterwards. This was in stark contrast to how he normally felt after eating out – heavy, tired, and unfocused.

He knew he would need to have these bowls back home, in Milwaukee. As the idea grew, he didn’t stop at açaí bowls. The concept expanded into a restaurant that served every meal in a bowl — smoothies, grains, greens, and more. Every meal had to be convenient, quick, delicious, AND nutritious. This is as opposed to most of the other fast options that had been around – low quality, unhealthy food that makes you struggle to get through the rest of your day.

Bowls opened in 2017. As one of its first employees, Kelly has been an integral part of the Bowls evolution from a fast-casual restaurant to a prepared meal service company – Bowls To Go. She has spearheaded the continual improvement in the quality of Bowls’ ingredients, through removing inflammatory oils and refined sweeteners, and by choosing to integrate more ethically sourced ingredients, such as grass-fed steak, wild-caught salmon, and local pasture-raised eggs. 

We are excited to bring even more convenience to our Milwaukee-area customers through the option to pick up or have delivered refrigerated and frozen subscription or a la carte orders that can be easily reheated and eaten at home. We continue to offer catering as well, whether for professional or collegiate sports teams, corporate events, family get togethers, or anything in between.